Merial, the maker of FRONTLINE® Gold, and the Cesar Millan PACK Project team up to save lives

The Cesar Millan PACK Project is proud that Merial, the maker of FRONTLINE Gold, is the official presenter of their ongoing Adopt Me Thursday program, designed to help shelter dogs find their forever homes.

Every Thursday, Cesar’s Facebook® and Google Plus® feeds feature the adoptable dog of the week selected from a shelter in the U.S. The dog’s story, location and photo appear with contact information for interested adopters.

Merial, the maker of FRONTLINE Gold, is a leading voice in support of animal welfare through its promotion of dog adoption via programs like Adopt Me Thursday. Whether or not you adopt through this program, we encourage you to find your next best friend at a shelter or rescue, and don’t forget to bring your new dog to the vet within the first week to ensure he is in good health.

Prevent a flea infestation before it begins with FRONTLINE Gold Brand Products

FRONTLINE Gold Brand Products not only kill adult fleas, they also kill flea eggs and larvae that can lead to an infestation. FRONTLINE Gold also kills all biting stages of ticks.

Ask your vet about FRONTLINE Gold today — and be sure to visit Cesar’s Facebook page every week on Thursday to support dog adoption.

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